There is
More to pleasure!

-Sexual aliveness within-

I coach women who know that there is more to their sexuality so they can reclaim passion, pleasure and lust in their life!


I work with highly motivated women in my 6 month program where they transform the lack in their sexuality into becoming the free pleasure goddess they are! 


Do you feel called? Book your free discovery session here! (It comes with no strings attached). In the session you will get more clear on what is is that you desire to manifest in your sexuality right now and what is that is holding you back.  

For many years I forgot about my sexuality. Sometimes I would tell myself: Ok, now lets do this! And I touched myself in a repetitious, pushy "just do it" way that really had me end up feeling like I hurt myself through my insensitivity. 

It wasn't until I met myself with a more intimate, loving approach and accepted my own way of opening up that I found the healing power of pleasure and could deeply fulfill myself. 

Now I know how to move through feelings of numbness and disconnection, into the deeper well of aliveness within.